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✖️ MFA-IA, january 2019

this speculative futurefiction/installation inside a bathrooom (!!) at Sierra Nevada University’s MFA-IA art building in north Lake Tahoe conjectured a future in which citizen scientists engage in an intimate process of observation and data collection of the subsurface Lake Tahoe ecosystem via the augmented surfaces of their homes.

just as the rapid evolution of compound organic eyes during the Cambrian period [-540 million years] inspired dramatic a burst of evolutionary progress, so too the recent proliferation of inorganic (technological) has allowed us to survey and monitor places that were once inaccessible. this dystopian installation explores one way that new modes of surveillance might enable new kinds of human connection to the natural world.

what you’re looking at: live-stream footage captured by submersible ROVs beneath Lake Tahoe is projected onto a toilet seat and bathroom wall, mimicing the smart surfaces now available in modern homes. within this speculative world, constant surveillance of endangered ecosystems enables a league of citizen scientists to visit and monitor the world’s natural places. underwater wildernesses, once inaccessible, are now part of citizens daily lives.

Trident ROV
39.225034, -119.968755
141 meters



01.11.02041 afternoon transveyance to Globizens of the One Sphere [ Citizen Science League ]:

Greetings, Citizen Scientist!

We thank you for your attention to this brief transveyance:

The Globizens of the One Sphere and attendants to the Global Agenda for Continuance thank you in collectivity for your contribution to the frontiers of Real Science. In witness to the real-time Agenda of the One Sphere, we transmit our thanks for your diligent monitoring of the Lake Tahoe sub-surface ecosystem via your personal extreme depth exploration drone. We celebrate your commitment to witnessing and monitoring our One wilderness correlate via your Intimate Home Surface.

As self-elected Citizen Scientist, you and your League affiliates promote the co-evolution of the biome in cooperation with symbiotic restoration and advancement projects. Your Witness of the One Sphere promotes and preserves Intimate Connection to our One True Home.

We strive not to forget.

Covalent with our biome,
Your Citizen Science League 🌏️