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installation + guided meditation
✖️ Sagehen Creek Field Station, summer 2019

this was a room-scale installation I built as an MFA student in Sierra Nevada University’s superrad MFA-IA program. Sagehen Creek Field Station’s Fish House, an observational viewing cabin with a sub-surface glass window looking into Sagehen Creek, was the temporary home for this site-specific project. 

trash and detritus foraged from my own home ecosystems became an imaginary underground where many-legged  noctilucent life-forms drew visitors into a mycorrhizal-like subsurface ecosystem and into into the half-dark of imaginal, subconscious realms. a guided meditation in the style of Janet Cardiff’s soundwalks and Marina Zurkow’s Dear Climate project invited visitors on invididual headsets when they walked down the Fish House’s stairs. 

this project was my first introduction to waste stream foraging, and was also the time and place where I found my own creative station inside swidden lands on the edges of wildland-urban interfaces. I am grateful to Amy Khoshbin for advising me on this project.