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5 feet tall
Kauai-crafted watercolors + Japanese pen & ink on paper

Available as a hand-embossed archival print on Somerset Velvet printmaking paper in its original size, and as a 3.5’ tall print


This ‘vertical landscape’ is a love letter to the Hawaiian islands from my ancestors, my living family, and me. 

As a family with an ongoing connection to Hawaii as settler-allies, we are aware of our kuleana - ethical responsibility - to listen to the land and its people for instruction in how to relate with Hawaii in ways that are pono - in integrity.

Celebrating the strata of life that make the Hawaiian archipelago one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, this piece, created using paints made on Kauai, honors the volcanic, terrestrial, and oceanic depths of this beloved place. 

Visual meditations with beloved places...
Synesthetic visions born of deep listening outside.
Japanese pen & ink on paper
Available as 9x12’’ or 12x16’’ hand-embossed archival prints on Somerset Velvet printmaking paper, and as 5x7’’ greeting cards.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project, these pieces celebrate Hawaii’s native birds:

11x14’’ LAND OF BIRDS poster on premium matte paper

This set of stickers honors the amazing diversity of Hawaii’s native birds. Featuring: Pueo, ‘Io , ‘Ae ’O, Nēnē, ‘Akeke’e, ‘Ua’u Kane, Koa ‘E Kea & ‘Apapane

11x14’’ Kauai Forest Birds poster on premium matte paper
With invaluable guidance from the Vertebrate Zoology Collections Manager at the Bishop Museum, twelve new bird stickers and a poster honoring Kauai’s threatened, endangered, and extinct forestbirds will be released on Hawaiian Honeycreeper Day in August: 

The Kauai ‘Elepaio belongs to a group of still-living Kauai forestbirds whose populations are vulnerable in the wild, including the tiny ‘Anianiau, red ‘Apapane, andKaua’i ‘Amakihi.

The I’iwi, ‘Akikiki, ‘Akeke’e, and Puaiohi are the rarest inhabitants of Kauai’s forests. Their populations face serious threats from mosquito-born illness. 

The Kauai o’o is part of a sticker series honoring four Kauai forestbirds who have gone extinct: the beautiful Kaua’i 'akialoa, Nuku pu’u, Kama’o, and Kauai o’o.

🌸  A percentage of proceeds from the sale of these bird stickers and posters supports the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project’s mission to protect and restore native habitats.