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I belong...

the enchanted hills and sturdy oaks of the East Bay, home to horse-allies, mud-footed friends, secret creeks, and childhood cloud-worlds. home to the Chochenyo, Muwekma, Ohlone peoples.

San Francisco, regenerating city of pasts and futures, births, deaths, sojourns and dérives. home to the Muwekma, Ramaytush, & Ohlone peoples.

Hawaii, islands. land of depths so deep they touch the night sky. land of lava rock, myth, mirrors, and reckoning. my ancestors weave a tangled web through your canopies. I am here for the reweaving. home to Kanaka Maoli.

Mojave Desert, place of sun, wings, prophecy, industry, and sacred forgetting. launch-pad for outer orbits to other worlds. home to the Kitanemuk and Kawaiisu peoples.

the hard-edged, tooth-cracked, sweet-songed and gold-bored foothills of Nevada County and the lands that branch in granite above its cool rivers and hot-tempered core. land who conscience looks like sun on black rock and whose place-keepers remind me what it means to maintain integrity with inner/outer worlds. land whose Nisenan name “Ustama” means “from among us.” 

that place whose portals connect us to ourselves when they call us below. I honor all others whose names for you map brilliant webs in the darkness. of these, I speak: underworld, otherworlds, elsewhere, loam.